Some Frequently Asked Questions About Our Club

Q. Is Fencing For People Like Me?
A. Everyone can fence – all abilities and ages are welcome.

Q. When Can I Start?
A. Follow the programme link to find the first available session to suit you.

Q. What Does Salle Kiss Mean?
A. Salle is French for classroom. Kiss is our family name (pronounced Keesh)

Q. Do I Need to Buy Any Fencing Equipment to Start?
A. No we will provide you with everything you need

Q. Can My Parents Stay to Watch While I Fence?
A. Everybody is more than welcome to stay.

Q. How Much Does it Cost to Start Fencing?
A. Follow the program link to find out club prices and the “New to Fencing” link for typical equipment prices

Q. Do I Need to Book Before I Come to the Session?
A. No, you can just turn up.

Q. What Should I Wear For Fencing?
A. T-shirt, track suit bottoms and trainers.

Q. Do I Need to Bring Anything to the Session?
A. Bring a bottle of water.

Q. Are There Any Competitions?
A. Yes there are. Your coach will decide when you are ready to compete and which are the most appropriate tournaments.