About Salle Kiss Fencing Club

Membership & Gift Aid Forms for Seniors & JuniorsAs one of the leading fencing organisations in the North-West of England, Salle Kiss Fencing Club is open to fencers at all levels and weapons.

We provide training after and before school activities in schools using highly qualified peripatetic coaches who provide all the necessary equipment. We are an associated club, where school pupils can pursue the sport further. We also organise beyond our club hours, extra training opportunities, such as special Individual Training Days, Easter Camp, Fitness sessions and an International Training Camp to Budapest for our most advanced fencers every year.

The structured programme we follow provides both fun and exercise and has led to success at both the national and international level for our fencers.

  • This is a non-profit community based organisation, which is affiliated to British Fencing Association.
    • We are a Limited by Guarantee Company.
  • Clubmark (Government), Swordmark (British Fencing) accredited
  • The club forms part of the North West fencing organization which runs a series of junior fencing competitions across the region. Children from the club had outstanding success this year in the foil competitions.
  • The Club is working partnership with schools and local authorities.
  • The Club has top National ranked and British selected athletes, who are representing our sport in the Cadet European and World Championships.
  • Owner of MANCAD (Manchester International Cadet Competition) the only International Cadet Circuit event in the UK, now in its 16th year.

Our overall business aim

Increase participation in sport, throughout school and clubs.

Get recognition for our programmes.

Put Salle Kiss Fencing on a British Fencing respected club list.

Our Values

We have fun together
We are professional and focused
We share what it takes to be world-class
We collaborate with all our stakeholders

We strive for affordable fencing
We employ exceptional fencing coaches
We put the UK on the international fencing circuit
We have passionate aspirations for ourselves and our members

We are open and honest
We respect everyone’s view
We want all our stakeholders to love working with us

Our Codes of Conduct describe our commitment to the safeguarding and promotion of well-being to all our club members. Equality and Diversity defines our adherence to the principles of fairness and equality of access. The Constitution of the club as agreed on July 2014 can be viewed via this link.

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