Former Olympian Robert Kiss

Robert Kiss - Qualified and Experienced Fencing Coach

Robert Kiss is a former Hungarian Olympic fencer and master who moved to the UK to help support and improve the quality of UK fencing. Robert is currently working in the North-West area of England operating in several clubs and schools. Robert gives private lessons for advanced fencers. specialising in improving already high-standard fencers and improving their existing skills using Hungarian style of coaching.

The key to Salle Kiss Fencing’s success is Robert Kiss a seven times Hungarian Champion and double Olympian. Robert took his degree at the Hungarian University of Physical Education in 1998 and is a 6-weapon fencing coach as well as  an International ‘B’ category fencing judge in epee and foil.  He coached at the well-known VASAS Club in Budapest for six years before being invited by the British Fencing Association (BFA) to come to England and support fencing in the North-West.

He has adopted the successful Hungarian fencing system and has developed it to suit the communities in which he now works. The discipline and standards of the traditional system have been maintained using modern teaching methods in line with those promoted by Sport England and Sports Coach UK.

Robert Kiss provides additional coaching for fencers at the North-West Squad Club. He is also recognised as a national coach for the BFA, and acts as a coach for the English Fencing Tomorrow’s Achievers.

Robert and his wife, Natalia, share a commitment and dedication to fencing in the North West.With Robert coaching three evenings per week as well as attending weekend competitions with his pupils at no additional charge.

Young fencers have reaped the benefit of a world-class coach who is prepaired to commit the extra time necessary for them to achieve their full potential and dreams.

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Robert’s Coaching Experience & Qualifications

Robert Kiss is a six weaponed fencing coach. International ‘B’ – category fencing judge in foil and epee. Previous fencing coach at the Vasas Club for six years. And at the Hungarian International School in Budapest, Robert gave fencing lessons for some members of the Hungarian National Team (Zsolt Érsek, Márk Marsi, Attila Juhász).

He has coached five British Champions and many medal-winners, including Husayn Rosowsky (3rd in the cadet World Championship in 2008 and 3rd in the 2010 Junior European Championship).

Robert has participated as a coach in the Hungarian French Masters course in Budapest (1997).

Languages: English, French-Degree from the Hungarian University of Physical Education (1988.)

Robert Kiss Fencing Coach

Robert’s Competition Results

  • Hungarian Championships 7times 1st place, 7 times 2nd place, 5 times 3rd place
  • 1989 Universiade Duisburg 2nd team
  • 1992 Olympic Games of Barcelona 4th team
  • 1996 Olympic Games of Atlanta 5th team
  • 1997 World Championships of Cape Town 8th team
  • International Category ‘A’ Competition Bonn 3rd place (1992)
  • International Category ‘A’ Competition Budapest 6th place (1993)
  • Robert was also a leader of the Hungarian Foil Rank -1992,1993
  • Ashton Open Manchester 1st place (1999)
  • British Veteran Champion 2010, 2011 & 2012