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We wish to apply for sponsorship for:

Both the club/school programme and the Manchester Cadet Tournament are successful but require further funding. For the schools programme and the club into which the programme feeds this would be mainly aimed at increasing and improving the coaching base and ensuring the location for both was secured.

For the tournament assistance with the ever increasing cost of hall hire, referee expenses and technology to run the competition is needed.

  • The Schools’ project to allow it increase the availability of high quality fencing training in the North West.

Many students who are reluctant to take part in team games enjoy the individuality of fencing. Success in competition will be due solely to their own efforts: matching their own skill, speed and intellect against those of an opponent; female competing equally with male. Some enjoy the aesthetic pleasure of perfecting and performing disciplined movements correctly and studying the theory and language of fencing for Achievement Awards and Duke of Edinburgh Awards.

Besides the physical aspects, fencing has many other social and behavioural benefits, it improves such traits as:

  • Ambition
  • Self-control
  • Self-confidence and positive motivation
  • Motivation for success and task involvement

Our schools programme, which runs across a number of schools in Greater Manchester and the whole North West and its environs is designed to accentuate these aspects and to improve the children’s perception, concentration, imagination, and quick analytical thinking.

The club takes interested children from the schools’ programmes and develops them further. We provide to our little talents an extra 10 weeks free sessions in our evening clubs, where we organise them a structured workforce and competitive fencing.

  • The Salle Kiss club to secure its location and broaden its coaching staff in order to deal with the increasing numbers.

Robert Kiss has adopted the successful Hungarian fencing system and has been developing it to suit the communities in which he now works. Whilst retaining the discipline and standards of the traditional system using modern teaching methods in line with those promoted by Sport England and Sports Coach UK.

He provides additional coaching for fencers from throughout the region. He is recognised as a national coach for the BFA acts as a coach for the English Fencing Tomorrow’s Achievers talent scheme.

The fencers recognise that they are very lucky to have such a dedicated, gifted and talented coach who is not only a world class coach but is also prepared to commit the time necessary for them to achieve their full potential.

  • The Manchester Cadet International Tournament

This high profile tournament has been running annually since 2004 to enable it to become not only the leading cadet tournament in the UK but one of the lead tournaments in the new European Cadet circuit.

Salle Kiss Fencing Club is, with Manchester Fencing Club,  the joint organiser of the successful Manchester International Cadet Tournament.  This has been running for eight years and has grown steadily each year; last year nearly 350 fencers attended the

Recognised as a flagship event, not only for British Fencing, but also for European Fencing and beyond.

Please visit our offical website for this event:

Professional management… It is essential that the ManCad Tournament is

professionally-staged and run with the same precision that is synonymous with the top tournaments in mainland Europe.

Teamwork… Running a successful competition relies on experienced organisers. The team behind the ManCad Tournament have proved their worth over the past six years and their professionalism has been recognised by the European Fencing Federation (not an easy organisation to please), as well as by the British Fencing Association.The accolade of being designated a Selection Event by the European Fencing Federation is great indeed, but also has greatly increases our costs. We feel we cannot pass these additional expenses on to our competitors without making the Tournament prohibitively expensive.

2012 has seen a significant increase in the cost.  As the ManCad Tournament is now a European Fencing Federation Event, all referees must be approved and drawn from a professional pool, again increasing our costs. It is hoped your valued sponsorship will ensure that we meet and exceed the high standards the ManCad Tournament has always achieved in the past to ensure its success for the future of fencing.

Track Record

Leon Paul Junior Series
Participants: 17 (11 boys, 6 girls)
Results: Annual ranking U11, U13, U15 each gender winners

NW Junior Series
Participants: 11 (6 boys, 5 girls)
Results: annually winning each age category in Foil fencing U11, U13, U15

Cadet National Competition Included Championship
Participants: 10 (5 boys, 5 girls)
Results: Annually 7 First, 3 Second, 8 Last 8

European Cadet Championships
2014: Daniel Kiss Finalist, overall 7th position

Junior National  Competition Included Championship
Participants: 8 (4 boys, 4 girls)
Results: 2 second, 1 third

UK School Games
Participants: 2 (1 boy, 1 girl)
Results: 5 Gold and 1 Bronze

Open event
Participants: 8 (4 boys, 4 girls)
Results: 10 first, 5 second and 4 Bronze

British Youth Championships
U10 Boy Gold, U12  Boy Gold, U14 Boy and Girl Gold, U16 Boy Gold

English Youth Championship
U14 Girl Gold and Silver, U 12, U14 and U16  Boy Silver

British Veteran Championships:
3 Gold Robert Kiss

There are many benefits for a sponsor:

  • Branding on our website (logo and hyperlink)
  • Branding on School / parents letters and through 300 termly school demonstrations
  • Branding on Competition news and invitation letters– National and International
  • Event visibility – banners, posters, and signage on display at the event, visible to audience, thanks to live streaming.
  • Photo and PR opportunities – have your award the trophies at the prize-giving ceremony – great PR and photo opportunities for local media.
  • Branding on club’s promotional materials
  • Branding on British fencing magazine
  • Individual kit branding – National and International
  • Social media -regular promotion through our social media channels, primarily Facebook and Twitter.
  • Merchandising – companies will have a stand to promote and, if appropriate, sell their products and services at the event.
  • PR for all media – pre and post-tournament PR targeting Manchester Evening News, local press, business titles such as EN and Northwest Business Insider, and broadcast media, for example, BBC Radio Manchester.
  • Teach your board how to fence – as part of the package.
  • As a super-sponsor, you can make the event completely yours. As well exclusive rights to all of the above benefits, for £10,000, we will re-brand the tournament after your business or organisation name! If your company name is, say, Acme Ltd, we’d rebrand Manchester Cadet as Acme Cadet.

Why do we need sponsorship?

Creating the Salle Kiss Club and establishing Manchester Cadet as a highly respected tournament has been down to the aspiration, determination and passion of Salle Kiss Team. Fencing not being known for rich funding, this has been a labour of love with the support of local sponsors and an excellent team of volunteers and supporters.

At a less tangible but more emotional level, our sponsors will be helping to keep alive the Olympic podium dreams of the young fencing hopefuls.


Sponsor the ManCad Tournament…

and be our partner in bringing the

European prestige of this

excellent sport into the heart of the UK!

All for one and one for all.