General Information & Our Annual Subscription Fee

Dear Parent and Fencers

On behalf of Salle Kiss Fencing Club, I would like to welcome you and provide you with some information about the fencing activities we offer. The Club provides opportunities for young people to receive coaching and competition within fencing. All coaching is supervised by qualified coaches who are trained and have been screened for their suitability for working with young people.

The club is Clubmark and Swordmark accredited, a recognition of quality, which is awarded to fencing clubs by the England and British Fencing when the fencing club is able to demonstrate that it meets the Clubmark, Swordmark criteria across four areas: Duty of Care and Safeguarding Children; the Fencing Programme the club offers, Sports Equity and Ethics and Club Management. Clubmark is an acknowledgement that we take these issues seriously and that we are striving to provide a high quality and welcoming environment for young participants in fencing.

We welcome and encourage parents/carers and guardians to all training and competitions and value your support. We are keen to try and involve parents and carers in the club and you are always welcome at any club evening where you can meet club members and find out more about the club.

For junior fencers training sessions normally take place on Mondays at 6pm to approx. 7.30pm

Arrangements should be made for your child to travel to and from training sessions and matches. We appreciate it if children can arrive promptly and are collected promptly at the end of the session, if they are not making their own way home.

If you are going to be late picking your child up, please contact the relevant junior manager and let them know. (Natalia 07887968117)

We would be grateful if you could complete the attached club Membership Form. For the safety of your child it is important that the club is informed of any medical condition or allergies that may be relevant should your child fall ill or be involved in an accident at the club.


For those of you that are not aware we are registered as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC). This is a scheme led by the Government, Sport England and the Central Council of Physical Recreation that supports their commitment to ensuring all children have access to at least 5 hours community sport each week. 

We have been registered as a CASC since 14th October 2011 and since then have been able to utilise one of the schemes main benefits – Gift Aid. The CASC scheme entitles registered clubs to receive a 25% repayment from all donations made by individuals under the same Gift Aid rules that Charities use.

Through the CASC scheme there are now other ways that clubs can maximise their Gift Aid repayments and one of these that are being introduced is to apportion the majority of the annual junior and senior subscriptions as a donation. It is applied to the junior subscription rate because it is acknowledged that juniors are the future of the club and it is important that they have access to strong community sports clubs to ensure they get regular exercise through sport. Please find Senior subscription details below.

An example of how this would work for us:-

Junior subscription – £25.00 Made up of: £5.00 subscription + £20.00 donation
If the £20 is agreed by yourself to be taken as Gift Aided then the club can claim back an extra £5.00. (£20 x 25% = £5.00)

Senior subscription – £30.00 Made up of: £10.00 subscription + £20.00 donation
If the £20 is agreed by yourself to be taken as Gift Aided then the club can claim back an extra £5.00. (£20 x 25% = £5.00)

The great thing about this is that you would still be paying the normal subscription fee you would have paid anyway but the club is able to increase their overall repayment funding. It is hoped that if all parents agree then the club will raise around £250 a year and the club have agreed to use these extra funds for projects to aid club events or buy new equipment.

As we will be introducing this to the junior/senior subscriptions this year all that is required is that you sign the enclosed revised subscription form and then the Gift Aid it form. You will only have to sign the Gift Aid form once as the club can take all future subscription payments in the same way. You will also notice that the subscription form states that you can in effect join the club for the £5.00 or £10.00 subscription as we have had to state this on the form. It is of course hoped that you will still be willing to pay the full amount of £20.00 so the club can invest further funds in the junior section.

Many thanks
Salle Kiss Committee