Fencing at the Movies and Famous Celebrity Fencers…

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Swashbuckling or fencing, call it what you will, many actors have learnt the sport of fencing especially for a film role.

With swordplay appearing in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Star Wars trilogy, The Three Musketeers, Puss in Boots, The Mask of Zorro, Romeo and Juliet and the remake of the Parent Trap, starring a young Lindsey Lohan.

However off-screen, fencing is just as popular a sport amongst celebrity actors and singers. As a teenager Angelina Jolie was an avid fencer and the singer Neil Diamond was offered a scholarship at New York University because he was such an excellent fencer when at school.

Other famous and very cool fencers include Will Smith, Tom Cruise and David Beckham who have fenced together for fun, as well as Madonna, Mark Zuckerberg-the founder of Facebook.

A number of famous political figures have also enjoyed fencing, including the British Prime minister Sir Winston Churchill and the American Presidents, Harry Truman and Theodore Roosevelt.