Parents Zone

Dear Parents
Thank you for visiting this page, we are in the process of building the website and would appreciate any comments. Anybody from the age of 7 is welcome to come along to a session and have a go. For newcomers to the club here are a few guidelines and useful bits of important information:-

  • Suitable Kit: White or navy blue t-shirt, tracksuit bottoms, trainers.
  • Equipment is available to use in the session, no charge.
  • Please be punctual for each session attended.
  • Please ensure you or your child report to the registration desk on arrival.

There will be parent meetings, dates to be confirmed, to discuss club/ fencing related issues/ events.

Note For All Parents

We would appreciate your support for a positive mental attitude towards training as sometimes this seems boring although extremely necessary. Also relating to competition defeats which can disappoint children but do help build experience. We would like parents to take an interest in learning the basic fencing rules so that you will be able to see how your child is progressing.

Thank you to Mr S V Walker, a parent of one of our members who recently sent us this mail. Feedback is very important to us and helps us improve a build a club for all to be proud of.

I am writing to salute the Salle Kiss Fencing Club as a parent whose daughter joined the club in 2011 as a complete novice after taking the opportunity to undertake 10 weeks of fencing experience offered by the club to children at Hollins Grundy Primary School.

 Since joining the Club my daughter has not only shown considerable aptitude and enthusiasm for the sport, which has been recognised and supported by the Club, but has also received such excellent tuition that she finished seventh in her class (girls under 9) in the Leon Paul National Competition last year. I feel that this is a wonderful achievement for a child who had never picked up a foil prior to this.

In addition, she has made many friends and her confidence and social interaction have flourished, she is now outgoing and confident and has overcome the timidity and hesitancy she originally exhibited.

In my opinion Salle Kiss not only aspires to be a centre of excellence within the North West, but has achieved this. They pride themselves with their commitment to our children. To this end they have secured better premises at Bury Grammar School, and can now offer both beginner and elite, improver, fencing classes on Monday and Wednesday nights. They have also secured the services of fitness trainers, nutritionist and a child sports psychologist to help, support and develop our children to be the best that they can be, to instil them with confidence and prepare them mentally and physically for competitive fencing.

The club is happy to do all it can to assist members and help them to achieve their goals. I can wholeheartedly recommend Salle Kiss Fencing Club to both junior fencers and more mature fencers. Whether you have aspirations to fence competitively or are just looking for an enjoyable hobby, at Salle Kiss you will find friendly and dedicated experts on hand to give you the very best instruction. You will also find an excellent club spirit, camaraderie and the opportunity to participate in an extremely challenging, rewarding and satisfying sport.

S. V. Walker

Fencing Competitions

Beginners Fencing Competitions
It is important to note that there are a variety of fencing competitions your child might wish to enter as their skills develop and when the coach suggests they have reached an appropriate standard. Competitions are generally held in the following way. All same sex fencers in a particular age range are grouped into pools (poules). In the pools fencing is timed over 3 minutes and is scored to a top score of of  five hits (older children fence to 10 hits in the pool). Fencers will typically fence 5-6 other children in the pool. Some competitions hold two pools and competitions with lower entries often combine age groups/ mix sexes to give the competitors more fencing experience.

After the pools, fencers are ranked according to their overall score and then pass to direct elimination rounds. In this element of the competition fencers are matched against each other based upon their overall ranking. Fencers will fence to 10 points over 6 minutes ( older children fence to 15 points), the fencer with the higher score progressing to the next round. In this way fencers are eliminated from the competition and the medal winners decided.In your child’s first competitions it is possible that they may not win any matches in the pool but it is important to recognise their success in scoring points during the pool. As their skills develop they will begin to win pool matches which will improve their ranking for the direct elimination round and their chances of gaining a medal.

Schools Competitions
These are small local competitions run by local schools and clubs, some form part of a larger series of schools competitions e.g. Cheshire and Wrexham School seriesRegional competitionsIn this region the British Fencing North West committee organise a series of local fencing competitions for fencers within the Northwest region. You can find details of their junior competitions on their web site here

Leon Paul Series
These are a series of competitions for junior fencers aged under 9  to under 17.They are held all over the UK throughout the year from January to December. Fencers entering these competitions are given points. At the end of the year the points for the individual  fencers  best 4 competitions are calculated and the top 8 national fencers are given prizes

British Youth Championships
This is a national competition. At age group under 10 anybody wishing to compete can apply for entry .For the age groups under 12 and above entry is by qualification. Fencers must fence in regional competition and gained a top 4 place to be allowed to enter the national competition,Fencers who rank in the top 8 of the national level competitions are given an automatic by into the following years national level competition.