Rachel Jones

Competition Results

2012 3rd EYC
2012  1st Leon Paul Junior Series
2012  9th British Youth Championship
2013  3rd Leon Paul Junior Series
2013  6th British Youth Championship
2013  1st NWJS – Liverpool
2014  —
Bio info: Rachel is a capable left handed young fencer and is extremly proud of her results so far.


Amy Home

Competition Results

2012 6th Leon Paul Junior Series overall
2012 3rd NWJS
2013 8th British Youth Championship
2013 1st NWJS – Manchester
2013 3rd LPJS – Durham
2013 1st Wrexham & Cheshire Schools
2014  —
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Daniel Kiss

Competition Results

2009-12 Ranked 1st Leon Paul Junior Series competitions
2010 1st British Youth Championship
2011 3rd British Youth Championship
2012 1st British Youth Championship
2012 26th Birmingham Open
2012 2nd EYC
2012 1st Wrexham Open
2013 3rd Cadet Championship
2013 6th Junior Championship
2012-13 3rd Cadet Ranking
2013 15th Junior Ranking
2012-13 5th BYC
2014  —
Bio info
Daniel’s Father Robert Kiss is his main coach. His is determined to follow his father’s footsteps in sport. Currently ranked 1st U15 and 16th U17 Cadet. For the last 3 years he is ranked 1st in the LPJS. Daniel has been selected this year for the European & World Cadet Championship. His first year in the International calendar ended with showy performance.


Dominic Kiss

Competition Results

2013 3rd LPJS – Wrexham U9
2014 11th LPJS – Bristol U11
2014 3rd NWJS – Preston U11
2014 1st NWJS – Preston U9
2014 Place
Bio info
Dominic’s father, Robert Kiss is club head coach. Dominic almost grew up in the sports hall. He started fencing a year ago and from last November he did his first competition. There is a long journey in front of him.




Sydney Williams-Howe

Competition Results

2012 3rd  LPJS overall
2013 2nd  Wrexham & Cheshire Schools
2013 2nd  LPJS – Bristol
2013 2nd  NWJS overall
2014 2nd  LPJS – St. Benedict’s
2014 Place
Bio info
Started fencing in school in 2010 at MHSG was asked to attend the satellite club in Altrincham before being asked to come to the main club in Bury. Since taking up fencing her confidence and co-ordination has improved immensely.


Olivia Ngo

Competition Results

2013 8th  NWJS – Bury
2013 8th  NWJS overall
2014 3rd  NWJS – Preston
2014 Place
2014 Place
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Aimee Cope

Competition Results

2013 2nd LPJS – Bristol
2013 36th BSC Junior, Cadet 42th
2013 125th Paris
2013 13th BYC
2013 1st LPJS – Scotland
2013 3rd EYC
2013 38th BSC London
2013 19th Bristol Open
2013 27th BSC Gateshead
2014 Place
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Alexander Jones

Competition Results

2013 1st LPJS overall
2013 1st NWJS overall
2013 8th Dockland Cadet
2013 32nd British Junior (U20) Championship
2014 84th Paris Fleuret Mar
2014 Place
Bio info
I have been fencing at Salle Kiss since March 2013.


Robert Kiss
Head Coach

Competition Results

3 times British Veteran Champion


Colin Walls
Senior Coach

Competition Results

Oliver Allmand-Smith
Main sponsor
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Martin Gallyer
Fitness Coach

Competition Results

Bio info  HPATHLETS High Performance Athlete Support Systems



Assistant Coach

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