Every year Salle Kiss Fencing Club organizes a training camp to Budapest for more advanced fencers. This normally takes place in late July and early August. The course co-ordinator is Natalia Gyuricska and the course director is Robert Kiss. The training camp is open to all ages and is for all three weapons, it includes Physical conditioning training, footwork training, competitive training, individual lessons. Hungarian fencers will be present for training camp members to spar against. Every year some European fencers attend up from Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Spain.

….And now 2020

Robert Kiss

SUMMER Training Camp

BUDAPEST 10th – 14th August 2020

To make your reservation, email us: or call 07887968117

For all 3 weapons

  • £250 /€290 for 5 days of intensive training at the newly refurbished VASAS Sport Centrum. Budapest Pasaréti út 11-13. 1026       
  • Cost only includes training. Cheques or local currency are not acceptable.
  • The Camp is suitable for all ages and abilities.
  • Lunch can be booked for extra requests. 
  • We usually organize social programs between and after sessions.
  • We do not supply any equipment, however, we will be organizing a time to go to the PBT shop.
  • We are happy to advise you where to book your Hotel or help with any other inquiries. Recommended hotel:  Danubius Hotel Budapest;  Budapest,     Szilágyi Erzsébet Fasor 47, 1026  



Gallery of Training Camps in Budapest from recent years click on any image below to view

Watch our compilation video below of previous training camps in Budapest.

Morning session 9.15-11.30 am – Fitness and footwork training

  • General warm-up, stretching
  • Physical conditioning training.
  • Various  Footwork Exercises
  • Games with Hungarian fencers.
  • Fencing S & C Circuit training
  • Special group blade work 
  • Individual lessons

Lunch and break 11.30-13.00 

Afternoon session  13.00-16.00

  • Warming up
  • Footwork in pairs
  • Blade work, controlled fencing and one on one lesson
  • Stretching


Payment is required in full on the first day of the camp. Payment must be made in English currency in cash. (cheques, traveler’s cheques, and local currency are not acceptable).

Below is a series of questions you may have about the training camps in Budapest:

Q. Who can come to the Training Camp?
A. The training camp is suitable for ages 8-70, for all standards and all weapons with a minimum one year of fencing experience.

Q. How old must I be to be a ‘single traveler’?
A. This must be a choice of your parents, but we would recommend that under-16’s do not travel alone.

Q. Will meals are provided?
A. During lunchtime, we recommend using the Sports facility’s canteen for an extra cost. Meals generally are not provided but we organize group outings to restaurants.

Q. Can we make a group booking?
A. Yes, please call us and this can be arranged.

Q. Does the camp cover all weapons?
A. Yes

Q. How much of the time at camp will be spent fencing?
A. During our morning sessions, we are concentrating on S & C circuit training and general footwork with group blade work. On the afternoon sessions, we most do fencing (general or controlled), while offering one on one lessons. 

Q. Will there be any extra help provided? e.g. one on one coaching
A. Yes, we can provide additional private lessons on the top for an extra cost. Details are discussed between the chosen coach and fencer.

Q. How much money will I need to bring?
A. We would say you could easily spend: for breakfast £5, lunch £8, evening meal £15. Visiting a local spa at approx: £10, plus additional spending money. Week (10 days) public transport travel pass cost approximately £10-£15.

Q. How can I book my place at the camp?
A. Please give us a ring on Whatsapp or Messenger an and we will guide you through. Numbers 07887968117 or 07765395016.

Q. Do I need to send a deposit?
A. No deposit is necessary.

Q. When is the latest I can book?
A. You can book up the latest to one week before the start date.

Q. Do I need to bring my own equipment?
A. Yes, we don’t supply any equipment.

Q. Can I attend only part of the camp?
A. Yes, but we still have to charge you the full fees.